Company profile


Euraplan originated in the late 1980s, developing and marketing investment software. Its early users included the UK pension fund departments of major institutions which understood the need for independent, in-house records they could use to confirm and verify their asset positions.

Euraplan combined software skills with detailed knowledge of investment to produce easy-to-use systems. These systems enable Euraplan’s existing and growing user base to monitor their investment managers and custodians and on occasion ask them vital questions concerning the implementation of investment policies and strategies. Such monitoring regularly exposes errors of significant financial magnitude, sometimes of more than £100,000.

Euraplan has worked in partnership with pension fund clients on many tactical and strategic developments. These include a data feed with independent asset prices, income entitlement, capital change and exchange rate information. Most systems which Euraplan supply now use automatic electronic interfaces from managers and custodians to reduce the transaction input burden. The big advantage of this approach is that pension fund managers and accountants can now use just one system to produce an asset value, book-cost, income and cash reconciliation.

In the early 1990s, Euraplan developed a fresh expertise in pension accounting. Its clients liked the way Euraplan developed, supported and maintained its principal investment monitoring solution, so they asked Euraplan to develop a pension accounting system in the same way.


Today, Euraplan has more than 100 clients who are serviced from the company head office in the City of London and the company continues primarily to serve the pension fund industry. It enjoys a strong network of relationships with fund managers, consultants, accountants, administration providers, custodian banks, clients and other pension funds.

Euraplan also offers a specialist outsourcing service. The Client Accounting Department performs the investment reconciliation function on behalf of many clients. This strengthens Euraplan’s relationships with its pension fund clients and its knowledge of back-office systems.


Euraplan is in a unique position to address the information technology requirements of the pension fund industry. It will continue to develop state-of-the-art investment fund monitoring and accounting solutions as the leading software supplier.

Euraplan is also investing heavily in the very latest technology in order to deliver systems that will further strengthen the business operations of its clients. The organisation is committed to providing the industry standard for pensions accounting and investment monitoring systems.

“We switched to using the Euraplan OpenAIR Pensions Accounting System for our three Pension Schemes last year.  It has proved to be major step forward in improving efficiency and accuracy when producing the year end financial statements.  The Euraplan team have been first class in setting up the system, providing training and responding to help requests since going live.  Based on our experience, I would have no reservations in recommending this system to other pension scheme accountants.”

Nigel P Ralph,
Group Pensions Manager
Pennon Group