Shareholder II
Investment Monitoring System


Shareholder is a powerful, easy-to-use investment accounting system that supports in-house monitoring and consolidation of investment activities and holdings.

Business benefits

Shareholder offers independent verification of fund manager activity through using Exshare data feeds. Shareholder allows full cost, income and cash reconciliation. Other benefits include:

  • Delivers tight control of investment activity.
  • Ensures external institutions meet agreed mandates.
  • Rapidly reconciles, audits and consolidates data.
  • Reports efficiently to managers and trustees.
  • Reclaimable VAT reporting, dividend and recoverable tax tracking.
  • Provides asset valuations and performance analysis.
  • Ensures Inland Revenue Compliance.

Fund Manager Interfaces (FMI)

  • Automatic updates via disk or modem/email.
  • Validates transactions and creates new securities automatically.
  • Over 50 participating institutions e.g. Flemings, Gartmore, Schroders etc.

Exshare input

  • Share prices, capital changes, dividend entitlements and exchange rates.
  • Choice of frequency e.g. daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Customer service

  • On-site implementation and training.
  • Liaison with fund managers and custodians.
  • Supply of data (Exshare).
  • Full-time helpdesk support (8.30am-5.30pm).
  • Software upgrades.
  • In-house professional advice from qualified pension accounts and experienced investment analysts.

Want to learn more, or have any questions?

“Shareholder mirrors everything the investment manager does and has even detected mistakes. On one occasion it alerted us to £40,000 of dividends which had gone astray due to a change in fund manager.”

Chris Bowditch,
Pensions Manager
Lafarge (UK) Services Ltd.