Training courses

Training Executives have a high understanding of all Euraplan's software applications and the pensions industry.

In order to improve user effectiveness Euraplan offers professional training courses which are appropriately designed for every level of user. These informative training courses are designed for new and existing clients. Foundation, intermediate, advanced and refresher courses are available, with customised training provided upon request.

Upon the completion of the training programme, users are then fully armed to operate the system implemented immediately. The training sessions can be held at Euraplan offices or if preferred at the client's site. However, past experience shows that courses conducted at Euraplan's offices deliver better quality results as users are away from their office disruptions.

Clients also have the opportunity to meet other departments such as Support Helpdesk, Business Development, Marketing etc.

OpenAIR Accounts

Half-day (Session 1)

  • OpenAIR and its Concepts

Half-day (Session 1)

  • Accounts Overview
  • Transactions/Templates

Half-day (Session 2)

  • Payments and Bank Reconciliations
  • Report Sub-System
  • Views

OpenAIR Investments

Intermediate – Advanced
3-4 Days

  • Posting/reconciliation – workflow
  • Download automatic trades (purchases/sales)
  • Request Exshare files from Euraplan Ltd (month end prices, exchange rates, income entitlements and corporate action entitlements)
  • Load corporate action entitlements from Exshare
  • Download automatic corporate actions
  • Load market prices and currencies
  • Portfolios Valuations
  • Load Income Entitlement from Exshare
  • Load automated income
  • Posting manual purchases and sales
  • Posting manual corporate actions
  • Posting cash & analysis vai PCA (portfolio cash account)
  • Auto reconciliation procedures
  • Currency accruals
  • Reporting


Intermediate – Advanced
2-3 Days

  • Post capital (purchases/sales/corporate actions)
  • Reconcile purchases/sales and profit and loss
  • Investigate discrepancies and rectify
  • Run price exemptions report
  • Load exshare data into Shareholder to populate the security information
  • Post income (manually or FMI)
  • Post cash for the current month
  • Run a final book cost cash reconciliation report
  • Reconcile cash to the manager’s cash reconciliation.

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